Tracking your basal body temperature with Ovia

Basal body temperature (BBT) is the lowest measured temperature that a person has on any given day. Basal body temperature is measured orally, and it should be taken first thing in the morning for the most accurate results possible. Changes in basal body temperature can help indicate an upcoming or past ovulation, as it may often dip right before you ovulate, and spike in the two to three days afterwards.

Why does BBT spike?

Basal body temperature is controlled by the presence of certain hormones, and the spike in particular is caused by the rapid increase of progesterone in the system. Progesterone is released in great quantities by the matured ovarian follicle (known as the corpus luteum) that formerly held the egg, and it plays a vital component in preparing the uterus for pregnancy. One of progesterone’s effects is a sharp increase in basal body temperature, an elevated state that persists throughout pregnancy, which then returns to normal if an egg is not fertilized during a cycle.

The bottom line

Tracking your basal body temperature is a great way to help predict your ovulation, and Ovia makes it as easy as possible to do so. Just enter your BBT every day, and let Ovia tell you what it means for your fertility.

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