Why did I get my period?

When you're trying to conceive and hoping for that positive pregnancy test, it can be frustrating when you get your period instead. However, you're not alone! Many women take several cycles to conceive.

How come I’m not pregnant?

One of the toughest parts about the conception process is the series of ups and downs you can experience. Sometimes you don't conceive despite doing everything right. Getting your period when you want a baby so badly and thought you were pregnant can be devastating, but you’re in good company. A woman only has about a 20% chance of conceiving each cycle, so most women will experience similar circumstances while they are trying. Even if you timed intercourse around peak fertility and did all the right things and none of the wrong, there's still no guarantee that you will conceive in a given cycle. You simply need to play the math and set up the greatest probability for yourself as possible.

What can I do next cycle to better my chances?

Even though you only have a 20% chance of conceiving in any one cycle, tracking your data across multiple cycles can help you greatly increase your likelihood of conceiving. By tracking your metrics like basal body temperature and cervical fluid across multiple cycles, you not only give yourself more opportunities to get pregnant, but continue to develop a more accurate picture of your fertile window based on Ovia's processing of your data. Patterns might emerge that clue you in on the best times to try during your cycle. Ovia users average only 69 days until they report a pregnancy, so tracking your metrics over multiple cycles is proven to help women conceive faster.

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