Using smart technology to make your life easier: how Ovia Fertility works

Ovia Fertility makes it easy to log all your health information and provides you with accurate fertility projections, feedback, and analysis. But making sense of all of this data is easier said than done! So just how do we do it?

Taking the guesswork out

Ovia has collected data points from millions of people, and each new bit of information serves to strengthen our algorithm and make your personalized predictions more accurate. Because of this, even people with irregular cycles can use Ovia to precisely determine their ovulation date. And if you're trying to conceive (TTC), knowing when you're most fertile can increase your chances of conceiving in any given cycle. In fact, people who use Ovia Fertility to help them conceive get pregnant three times faster than the national average! 

Ovia will also analyze your fertility data in combination with health data including symptoms, moods, weight, sleep, blood pressure, activity, and nutrition in order to make personalized recommendations that could help boost your fertility and help you be your healthiest self!

But even with all of this amazing technology, we're always working to make things easier for you. All you need to do is log your data, and Ovia will give you a daily, personalized fertility score. It's that simple. 

Fun, fertile features

There's even more to Ovia than our fertility forecasts and period predictions. In your dashboard, you'll see your fertility score, how many days into your cycle you are, and how many days there are until your next fertile window. If you're trying to conceive, you'll also see how many days until you should take a pregnancy test. If you're not trying to get pregnant, you'll see how many days there are until your next period. And if your family planning goals change, you can always change this status in "Settings."

In the left menu, you can find your Calendar to see all the data you've logged, plus all of your Ovia predictions. The Articles section has a library of all our expert articles and recipes. Tap on Community to ask questions and give advice to other women who are trying to conceive or tracking their cycles (you can even target your questions to get the best results!). Look at your Fertility Chart to see trends and patterns in your fertility data, and click on Health to take our Ovia Health Assessment and unlock even more content and tips.

You'll see new content on your timeline every day, including articles, tips, and feedback based on the data you log. So check back daily to see what's new, log data, and get to know your cycle!

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