8 best non-meat sources of protein

It’s clear that adequate protein intake is crucial for getting your body to its peak fertility, and during pregnancy for keeping you strong for labor, and helping your baby build a brilliant brain, muscles, and everything else. However, some people, like vegetarians, vegans, and those who simply don’t love meat, may have more difficulty getting that recommended amount of protein. Thankfully, there are plenty of other excellent sources of protein for the herbivores out there.

  1. Eggs
    Although many who are vegans and vegetarians may not eat eggs due to the fact that they are an animal byproduct, eggs are a wonderful source of protein for those who can eat them. With about 6 g of protein in each egg (almost 10% of the daily recommended amount during pregnancy), eggs are among the best non-meat sources of protein, and also contain oher beneficial nutrients, like Omega-3 fatty acids that are known to help boost fertility.

  2. Milk
    Another animal byproduct that vegans and some vegetarians may not be able to drink, milk is packed with protein, containing about 8 g in each cup. Milk is also loaded with calcium to help you build strong bones, and is often fortified with Vitamin D - a nutrient most important for boosting your fertility.

  3. Peas
    Who’d have thought? Just one cup of peas contains about 8 g of protein, which is a huge amount of the recommended daily value. Peas are also loaded with fiber, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6, all of which are important while you’re either trying to conceive or pregnant.

  4. Quinoa
    Of course quinoa is on the list - this heralded supergrain contains about 24 g of protein in just one cup! Quinoa is really hot right now, and for good reason - it’s also loaded with folate and Vitamin B6 to help skyrocket your fertility, and get your body into better shape overall.

  5. Nuts and seeds
    Nuts and seeds contain tons of protein, and so long as you don’t have a nut allergy, they’re perfectly okay to eat given any other dietary restriction. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are among the best choices, though just about all nuts and seeds are high in protein.

  6. Beans
    Though some beans, like soybeans, are high in protein than others, beans are another group of food where you really can’t go wrong. They also frequently contain fiber, to help with your digestion.

  7. Tofu
    The ultimate protein for any vegan or vegetarian, this soy product is absolutely brimming with protein, containing about 10 g in just a half of a cup! Tofu is also an excellent source of calcium, and iron, which is noted for its fertility-boosting benefits.

  8. Leafy greens
    Along with whole grains, leafy greens make up one of the two pillars of any pro-fertility diet. Leafy greens contain varying amounts of protein, but some like broccoli and brussel sprouts are actually quite good sources. Leafy greens also have plenty of folate, calcium, Vitamin C, and other nutrients to help you get as healthy, fit, and fertile as possible.

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