pregnant woman getting sun painted on her stomach
5 Halloween costumes for pregnancy

When the end of October rolls around, the ghosts and ghouls are running around, and you’re rocking the baby bump. But a bun in the oven is no reason to skip the festivities (not all of them anyway). Rather than hide your bulge, make Baby the star of your costume.

    • Out of This World Baby: If you’re getting big and getting big quickly, you can take some inspiration from the milky way, not the chocolate bar, and dress up like a planet, moon, or even the sun. Flaunt what you’ve got whether you carry a hula hoop as Saturn, paint your stomach yellow as the sun, or rock the new mom look as Mother Earth.
    • Bun in the Oven: Pay homage to this classic phrase with a Halloween costume. Wear a baker’s hat or have your partner sport the whole baker’s outfit. Whether you build yourself an oven with a drop down door that reveals your belly, or you paint a sticky bun onto your belly, you’re bound to have the sweetest costume around.
    • Cute Fruit: Some women feel like they’re carrying around a watermelon during pregnancy, so why not flaunt it? Paint green stripes across your belly and dress yourself up as a vine. You can even have biological fun and paint your baby's actual size in terms of fruit.
    • Sport fan inside and out: Support your favorite team or express love for your favorite sport with your costume. Decorate your stomach like a baseball, basketball, volleyball, whatever floats your boat, and dress up in a team uniform. You can add a logo to your belly too.
  • Snow woman Even if the weather outside isn't too too frightful yet, a snow woman can be the perfect costume if you're going for the most clever use of the bump. Corncob pipe and two eyes made out of coal not necessary.

When Halloween rolls around, don’t hide your belly. Go to a party, show it off, and you’ll have best costume all night. Just try to take it easy on the candy.

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