5 ways to spend your birthday pregnant

Even though you typically celebrate your birthday with a cake, if you’re pregnant, you’ll be celebrating this year with a bun. You’re probably thinking of all the fun you’re missing: no big parties, no drinks, no wild all night shenanigans. But just because you have a baby on the way, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your own big day.

  • Spa day: There’s no better birthday present than some much needed relaxation. Ask about prenatal massages for special treatment for you and Baby. You can even look into couples massages for you and your partner to get some much needed rest before Baby comes and you’re spending too much time being great parents to relax.
  • Classic date night: Treat yourself to dinner and a movie when you’re feeling bummed about skipping a birthday bash. You can order your favorite meal and go out to the theater, or the much comfier alternative where your partner cooks and you watch your favorite movie snuggled up on the couch. PJs welcome!
  • Mani/pedi: You’ve been doing so much to care for everyone, let someone else care for you. With all of the baby prep, the last thing on your mind is your nails. Take some time at the nail salon to have some grooming done. In addition to looking great, it’ll help you feel great too.
  • Going shopping: You’ve been so focused on buying stuff for Baby that you might not have treated yourself in months. So go out, and buy yourself things that’ll make you feel special for a day. It could be clothes, scrapbooking supplies, paints, books, a new recipe book, or a motorcycle if you really want (though if you go this route, you should wait until Baby is born to use it).
  • Okay, you can party: If you want to see all of your friends and family for your birthday while rocking your bump, you can still have a party. You’ll just need to keep it calm and stress-free. You can drink mocktails, blow out your candles, and remember that everyone there is celebrating you. Although, if you want to take the limelight off you, you can have two parties in one with a joint birthday and baby shower!

With all of your time devoted to Baby, you forget to pamper and care for yourself. Your birthday should be a day all about you, so take the day and have some mom time. Baby will thank you for taking the time to relax.

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