Best pregnancy sex positions

Having a bun in the oven doesn’t mean you and your partner need to put sex on hold for 9 months. In fact, increased blood flow to your pelvic region during pregnancy can make sex even better! Having sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe, but as your bump grows, there are certain positions that are easier on you and your partner. Here are a few positions fit for a mom-to-be:

  • Spooning on your left side: This position puts almost no pressure on your womb, and lying on your left side reduces weight on your organs from your growing uterus. Your partner can adjust the angle of penetration to make you comfortable.
  • You on top: If you want to minimize additional weight on your womb, being on top lets you control the speed and intensity of movement.
  • On top of pillows: Talk about comfort! You might already be using pillows for extra body support to sleep, so keep them handy during sex to minimize back pain.
  • Reverse cowgirl: In this position, you’re straddling on top facing your partner’s feet. This keeps your bump out of the way and puts you in control!
  • Leaning against the wall: Stand with your hands or elbows against the wall and let your partner penetrate you from behind - an upright position might reduce some aches and pains of lying on your back.

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