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Pregnancy traditions around the world

Whether you hail from the highest peaks of the Himalayas, the Australian Outback, or anywhere in between, there are bound to be some pregnancy traditions from around the world that might surprise you. But who knows, maybe one could help you out, too.

  • In China, tradition dictates that new moms remain inside their houses for about a month with shut windows to protect mom from the wind, which is thought to weaken the body.
  • The Irish have a host of traditional baby and pregnant mom superstitions, like that pregnant women should avoid graveyards, rabbits, and other newborns in order to keep baby as safe as possible. No bad pregnancy outcome has been established as a result of contact with any of these, but if you’re superstitious, it can't hurt to take these into consideration!
  • There is an old Mexican tale, inspired by the Aztecs, that being pregnant during an eclipse could result in baby having a cleft lip.
  • In Latvia, women may offer presents to the goddess Mara, who can help them have healthier pregnancies. Better make the gift count!

The variety of traditions surrounding pregnancy and birth really goes to show that when it comes to pregnancy, there’s no one right way to do things - even healthcare providers disagree sometimes. Feel free to practice any traditions you please, so long as they don’t go against medical advice.

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