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7 creative ways to document your pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing experience that you’ll want to remember, particularly if it’s your first. If you want to document this time in your life so you and your family can always remember, there are plenty of creative, fun ways to do so!


Either online or in print, a journal is a great way to document all your thoughts and feelings whenever you feel like writing something down. Write notes, long entries, or add photos. You can keep it with you always, and if you want to keep it private or share it you have the option.

Writing to Baby

Talk to Baby while she is in your womb! You could create an email account for her or write letters for her. When your child gets older, she can read what you wrote and you two can reflect on your journey together through your pregnancy.

Belly measurements

Every week you can use measuring tape to record your belly size. You’ll be surprised by how big your belly gets and how quickly Baby is growing!


A beautiful scrapbook could be a great place to keep photos of you and your baby bump throughout your pregnancy. You can also add notes and fun captions. It’s perfect for keeping in the house and opening up from time to time for friends and family, or just for flipping through by yourself. You can easily store all your wonderful memories in one place that will last for years.


A blog is a fun and easy way to track your pregnancy. Share your thoughts, pictures, and videos with whomever you want. There’s the option to only allow certain people access, or you can open your blog to the world. You can also let your friends post comments on your different posts. This is an easy way for friends to follow your progress and share the experience with you if they aren’t able to see you in person.

Daily bump photo

You won’t believe the change in your bump when you look at the first and last picture you take! It will be difficult to notice the changes from day to day, but a picture every day will be a great way to record your growth. You could even take all the photos and make a stop motion video of your bump getting bigger.

Voice recordings

This is easy to do on most phones, or you could get a high quality voice recorder to carry with you wherever you go. Anytime a thought pops into your head, just record it for later. Also, record longer thoughts on a daily basis to say how you are feeling. You can play these back throughout your pregnancy or put all the recordings on a cd after. You’ll probably be surprised by some of the things you said!
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