smiling pregnant woman standing outside in a flowing dress

Pampering yourself with Baby on the way

You’re the queen of your household when you’re pregnant, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be treated like one! Even when you’re dealing with all of your obnoxious symptoms, there are plenty of ways to pamper during pregnancy that will make you feel right in your royal place.

  • Get a massage: Whether a professionally-designed and performed prenatal massage, or simply a shoulder rub from your partner, a nice massage can go a long way. If your budget allows, getting a prenatal massage is a great way to relax before delivery.
  • Go on a babymoon: An increasingly popular way for parents to get away for a nice vacation before baby arrives, the right babymoon can make you feel like the Queen of Sheba.
  • Girls’ night out! Nowhere in the pregnancy rulebook does it say anything about staying in on Friday nights! Gathering up the gang for a fun night on the town is a great way to remind yourself that fun does not end once you’re a mom!
  • Get a mani/pedi: Treating yourself to a spa day is a great way to pamper, and you could use your new nail color as a way of revealing baby’s sex!
  • Make your partner do you favors: Whether it’s changing a lightbulb or refilling your mocktail, making your partner do you favors is an excellent way to pamper - just make sure not to overdo it!

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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