Is he hoping for a son?
All men are different, but there is a distinct possibility that if you have a male partner, he may care deeply about the sex of Baby. There is no clear evidence to support whether or not a man prefers to have a son, and he’ll love his child no matter what. But hoping for a son is certainly a mindset that some may feel.

Why could a male partner want a son more?

There are many reasons why a man may want a son more, but the following reasons are common among many men.
  • Sharing Common Interests: Your partner may have images in his head of sharing and teaching his son to enjoy the same things that he loves. If he doesn’t think he can enjoy the same activities with his daughter, he may hope for a son all the more.
  • Memories of his father: If your partner has great memories of experiences with his father, he may feel more of a desire to share those experiences with his son like his father did.
  • Family Name: A father may feel compelled to have a son so that his family name will continue. This is possible with a girl as well, but the more traditional passing of the male’s last name can cause some daddies to feel pressure to have a son and serve his family.
  • Nothing in common with girls: Some expecting daddies may think they won’t share any interests with their daughter, or he may think that all girls like stereotypical things that he doesn’t believe he will enjoy.

Will he think I’m a failure if I give birth to a girl?

If your partner really cares about having a son, and you have a daughter, he will almost definitely be more upset with himself. For some men, they consider themselves failures if they don’t have a child of the sex they prefer. Remember though that you and your child could never disappoint him. Your partner will not blame you, but he could be angry with himself and question his manhood.

What can I do to help him?

If you suspect your partner could suffer from sex disappointment, there is no easy fix. If he is hoping for a son and you have a daughter, you can explain to him all the wonderful benefits of having a daughter. In reality though, some men just need time to get over sex disappointment. You may be surprised to see that in the delivery room, as soon as he first sees his newborn daughter, all of his desire for a son will melt away and he will be thrilled to have a beautiful daughter.

For some men, it may take a little more time to get over the want to have a son. Just remember, son or daughter, your partner will love Baby unconditionally because he or she will be a creation of your love. All you can do is support him if he takes a little longer to come around, and he will come around.

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