Top baby shower games

Baby showers sure are a great way to get all of your friends together to celebrate (read: get a bunch of people bearing gifts for you in one room) before Baby is born, but you’ve got to make sure that you put on a good show! If you’re having trouble scheduling a full baby shower’s worth of activities, check out our list of baby shower games below for inspiration!

  • Guess That Baby!: Guess That Baby! requires every guest to bring a baby picture of herself, so you should include this information in the invitation. Pin up each picture on a board, and assign each a number. Every guest should try to put names to (tiny) faces, and the one with the most correct guesses wins!
  • Pin the Sperm on the Egg: Just like a PG-13 version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, all you’ll have to do is diagram the female reproductive system on a sheet of cardboard paper, design your own sperm pins, and let the ladies send the swimmers as near to your waiting egg as possible, closest one wins!
  • Diaper Pass: Similar to Hot Potato, just fill up a (clean) diaper with melted chocolate, turn on the timer or some music, and let the goopyness begin!
  • Paint-a-Onesie: For this game, you’ll need to buy as many white onesies as you have guests (or more, you never know about those rowdy baby shower crashers, after all), and enough pens, crayons, markers and paint for all participants to design and decorate their very own onesie! Granted, you get to keep all of the onesies, but they’ll work hard on it anyway.
  • Don’t Say “Baby”: Yup, it’s as simple as it sounds - all you have to do is not say the word baby! Each guest should be given a diaper pin or some other token at the beginning of the party, and if you hear somebody say “baby”, you can call them out and get their pin! Whoever has the most pins by the end of the party, wins.

The bottom line

Baby showers are more than an opportunity to get some free stuff - with the right guests, and the right activities, your baby shower will go down in the history books!

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