happy pregnant couple preparing dinner in the kitchen

Date night ideas for expecting couples

Keeping romance alive during pregnancy is awesome--it puts you in a great mood and improves your connection with your partner. Even though you’re often troubled by annoying symptoms, you aren’t required to stay in every night ordering takeout. Here are some great activities for expecting couples to try before you need to call a babysitter:

  • Go to a movie theater: No one likes a crying baby while watching James Bond take down a few bad guys, so see the latest releases while you can.
  • Indulge in a couple’s massage: You’ve got aches and pains all around, and your partner probably wouldn’t refuse a spa trip either, so treat yourself! Make sure you get a prenatal massage, and consult your healthcare provider if you’re concerned about the treatment.
  • Take a moonlit stroll: If you haven’t been getting your exercise during the day or are feeling antsy in the evenings, walk around with your partner for a lovely chat hand in hand.
  • Have your partner cook for you: Share your cravings with your partner and have them whip up something delicious while you relax, and don’t forget about mocktails!
  • Throw a game night: Invite some other couples over to play some board games, card games, or charades! Catching up with friends will help take your mind off all the baby talk.
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