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Mocktails during pregnancy

Mocktails are a great way to enjoy yourself and discreetly abstain from alcohol. Any cocktail has a nonalcoholic version, and most bars and restaurants will make one for you if you ask them to. So, before you take a rain check on girls’ night out, check out some of our suggestions for alcohol alternatives.

Nonalcoholic cocktails

Virgin cocktails, the nonalcoholic versions of cocktails, are usually delicious in their own right and are perfect for satisfying any cravings you may be having for sweets. So next time you’re out with your friends and you find yourself longing for your favorite drink, ask the bartender to hold the alcohol and see if that slakes your thirst. If your standby drink just isn’t the same without liquor, then take advantage of the opportunity to try the nonalcoholic version of a drink you’ve never tried before. Ask friends and family if they have any old favorites for you to try. Chances are that your cravings and aversions have changed since you became pregnant, and drinks you never would have wanted to try before will be delicious now.

Lower sugar options

If you’re watching your sugar intake, fizzy water and juice combinations are a great way to avoid the extra sugars from simple syrup and sodas, but still enjoy something a little sweet. Fresh and light, they are great for cooling down during the day, and pair nicely with a variety of foods. Fizzy water can also help settle stomach issues that you may be experiencing now that you are pregnant. If you are still trying to keep your pregnancy private, fizzy water and juice is perfect for you because it looks like a typical bar drink and won’t raise any suspicion from friends and family. Simply order your drink discreetly at the bar and nobody will know the better.


If you prefer champagne, sparkling grape juice is perfect as a stand alone drink or as a substitute in Bellinis, Kir Royales, and Mimosas. You can also use sparkling grape juice to make a delicious nonalcoholic sangria. Sparkling grape juice isn’t a common offering at most restaurants or bars, but it is available at most grocery stores, so this option is great for entertaining guests.

At the end of the day, nonalcoholic adult drinks are the perfect way to stay hydrated and satisfy your pregnancy cravings while you’re at it. If you find yourself wanting a particular fruit or flavor, check out our Pinterest board, where you can find great mocktail recipes and resources - you’re sure to find a few that will work perfectly for you. Have fun at girls’ night out!

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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