happy pregnant woman getting breakfast in bed from her partner

Getting your partner to do you favors when pregnant

When you're pregnant, you'll notice more and more people holding doors, giving you their seats on the bus or train, and generally just being nicer overall, your partner included. However, sometimes you might need a bit of extra help: enter your partner.

How can I get my partner to do me favors?

When you’re pregnant, it’s okay to ask for all the help you can get. Getting your partner to help you might not seem necessary right now, but as you get further into your pregnancy and continually more exhausted throughout the day, you’ll be thrilled to have your partner do little favors. Sometimes you might even feel fine to do something, but you can use your belly as an excuse to have your partner do something like cook you a meal while you relax. For most small things you might be surprised to see your partner volunteer and help you, but if that doesn’t happen, you can use any one of a million excuses to have your partner help you. Just say that you have aches, you’re feeling sick, or that the healthcare provider says you should rest as often as possible. Often times your excuses will be true, but even if you just want to relax, these excuses will probably get your partner to pamper you.

Is it possible I push my partner too far?

Be careful not to abuse your expecting partner. You’re the one doing the heavy lifting with Baby, but your partner will also be under pressure. Perhaps your partner needs to work some more hours if you’re on maternity leave or if you’ll need more money when Baby arrives. Your partner will also be worrying about Baby just as much as you (and probably thinking about it most of the day). Sometimes your partner might get emotional or upset from stress and be more hesitant to help. If it seems like you push your partner too far, it’s probably just all the stress. You and your partner need to both support each other. Too many unnecessary requests may just add to your partner’s stress and exhaustion, so use those special favors sparingly!


Here are a few good reminders when trying to get your partner to do you favors:

  • Ask your partner nicely. Don’t hold it over your partner’s head that you’re the pregnant one. Your partner will be more than happy to do things for you, but just make sure not to make your partner feel like your butler.
  • Your partner might not know how much pain some things give you. Be sure that expectations are clear and your partner knows to help you when you feel sick or if something will give you pain. If your partner knows what you’re going through, you won’t have to try hard to get some help.
  • Empathize with your partner. Your partner definitely cares more about your bundle of joy than they show, and it is probably causing some stress. You will need someone to help you, but be sure to offer your partner as much emotional support as the support you receive.
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