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Hiding your early pregnancy

When you choose to share your pregnancy news is up to you. Telling people sooner expands your support network and empowers you to be open about the changes you're probably experiencing, but you may also prefer to keep it to yourself. Depending on your lifestyle, this can be extra tricky! If you’re going to see some friends or family sometime soon but you’re not quite ready to share the news, here are some ways to silence the pregnancy alarms that you might be setting off.

Common pregnancy indicators and ways to hide them

  • No alcohol: If you’re out to dinner or a party and you refuse alcohol where you would almost always accept, it might seem strange. If you're hoping to keep your pregnancy a secret little bit longer, you can just say that you’re on antibiotics or another medication that prevents you from drinking. You could also say you need to drive home later, or that you aren’t feeling well. The medication route is probably the most effective though because it should prevent anyone from pressuring you into even a single drink. Just don’t oversell and let people think you’re terribly sick - a little white lie is one thing, but worrying friends and family is taking it a bit too far.
  • Tighter clothes: If your clothes are starting to feel a bit tight or even show a bump, you’ll need to wear different clothes to cover up. The best remedy is to wear looser clothes that won’t reveal any bump. You could also try Mama Spanx that is designed to safely hide your bump. Wearing anything black will also create an illusion for the eye that can conceal a visible bump.
  • Throwing up: You can really only get away with this once or maybe twice until people start suspecting you’re throwing up because you’re pregnant. The first time it happens, you could blame it as a side effect to a medication, or say that there is something going around your office. If you need to see the same people often you might just be better off sharing the news because you won’t need to come up with constant excuses that become less believable.
  • Emotional swings: If you go out to see people one time and you get a little emotional over seemingly mundane events, it probably won’t cause a problem or set off any alarms, and you could just say you’ve been stressed out lately.

Sooner or later you’ll have to spill the beans, but until the time is right, feel free to tell some creative lies to keep your friends’ and family’s noses off the trail!

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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