Losing the baby weight

Most moms-in-training spend their whole pregnancies gaining weight to help Baby develop as well as possible, while dreaming every minute of the day they get to meet her, and start dropping the added poundage.

Doing it the healthy way

Although we often see new mom celebs seemingly back to their pre-pregnancy weights just days after they deliver, these weight losses are more often than not the product of the world’s most expensive trainers, Photoshop, and some certain unhealthiness. Women who breastfeed should not go on any weight-loss diet, but can certainly consume higher-quality foods (fresh fruits and veggies) rather than processed foods to help usher a gradual weight loss. Maintaining a regular exercise regimen is also essential for any healthy post-pregnancy weight loss, although many moms may have difficulty getting back into the swing of things right away - it can take a little while to get your athletic step back!

The bottom line

Although losing all of your pregnancy weight right away can be tempting, you’ve got to make sure that you make it a scaled, gradual loss to keep your body as healthy as possible, particularly if you are breastfeeding, as too steep a weight loss could affect the quality of your milk. It can take women up to and over a year to lose all of the baby weight, so don’t be too depressed if you’re struggling to find the time or energy for a walk a month after Baby is born - the weight loss will come by staying healthy (proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, effective exercise), it just may take a bit of time.

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