Breast tenderness when pregnant

Breast tenderness is sharp or dull pain commonly paired with swelling.

What causes it?

Most women complain about breast tenderness and pain from the first few weeks before milk production has begun. When the egg is fertilized and implants on the interior of the uterus, progesterone and estrogen are released into the body. These hormones increase blood flow in the body and promote fat storage in preparation for pregnancy and birth. These changes alone can cause irritation and pain.


Bras and breast pads. Wearing sports bras to minimize your breasts' movement and wearing them through the night are said to help with pain and tenderness. Some people find that warm water and steam from a good shower helps alleviate some pain; others find this practice to hurt and avoid doing this along with contact (hands off, partner!).

It is important to note that some breast cancers can be hormonally active, so as always, you should pay attention to new lumps, painful areas, and skin changes in the area, and discuss them with your healthcare provider.

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