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1 week pregnant

For information about weeks 1 through 11 of a twin or multiple pregnancy, tap here.

Welcome to week one! If you’re wondering what week one of pregnancy really means, read on. We’ve got answers to all of your pregnancy questions — from week one, to your due date, and beyond.

How’s Baby?

“Week one of pregnancy” as a phrase can be a little misleading — while you’re not technically pregnant at this time, this week is in the mix because it’s when you’ll start counting toward your due date at week 40. Healthcare providers start counting these weeks of pregnancy starting with an important marker, the first day of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP).

Fertilization doesn't occur until next week or the week following, so right now, sperm and egg are still waiting in the wings and Baby is just an idea. If you are trying to conceive (TTC) without assistance, in about another week one of your eggs, containing half of Baby’s genetic material, will be released from your ovaries and then the sperm, containing the other half, will fertilize it, and kickstart pregnancy!

What's new with you?

Because you haven’t conceived yet, this preconception period is really all about taking good care of yourself to prepare for your pregnancy journey ahead. Getting enough sleep, staying active in whatever form is best for you, eating a nutritious and balanced diet, starting prenatal vitamin, getting help for use of substances like alcohol and tobacco (if needed), and generally taking care of your overall health can encourage a quicker conception and a healthier pregnancy.

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