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Maternity workout clothes for the fit mom-to-be

Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean you need to ditch the style, and you especially shouldn't ditch exercise - why not combine the two? There are tons of great materntity workout clothes out there to stay comfy and cute when you work out.

Do I need new workout clothes if I’m pregnant?

Remember that while you shouldn’t perform high intensity physical activity, moderate physical activity is beneficial for you and Baby. As you get further along into your pregnancy, and your womb gets bigger, you might find that your old workout clothes don’t fit well. You could try to wear your old clothes anyway, but they may feel uncomfortable and you could stretch them out. Maternity workout clothes are a better option because they are designed to fit you and Baby more comfortably.

Where can I buy maternity workout clothes?

If you’re worried about where to find maternity workout clothes, fear no more. Many leading retail stores and brands have special maternity workout clothing lines, with exactly what you’re looking for - jackets, leggings, tanks, these stores have them all.

Maternity-specific retailers will probably have a greater selection of maternity workout clothes than your big box retailers. There are also tons of online resources for finding the perfect outfit to wear when you’re keeping your bod in great shape for delivery!

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo
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