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The best pregnancy sleeping positions

Generally, the best position to sleep when you’re pregnant is on your side with your knees bent. Sleeping on your left side is especially preferable, but sleeping on either side is better than sleeping on your back or stomach. Sleeping on your left side typically improves blood flow and the flow of nutrients to the placenta and Baby. Sleeping on your sides will also relieve back pain and prevent shortness of breath.

Why shouldn’t I sleep on my back?

Although you might be used to it, sleeping on your back can give you aches and pains, and it decreases blood flow to Baby, especially once you've reached the second trimester. The problems with sleeping on your back are due to the added weight on your abdomen. When sleeping on your back, your abdomen presses down on your intestines and major blood vessels. The added pressure can give you backaches and cause shortness of breath. The decreased blood flow could cause hemorrhoids, heartburn, decreased circulation, and blood pressure problems.


Getting a good night's sleep becomes increasingly more important as you get later into your pregnancy. Before the second trimester, you should train yourself to sleep comfortably on your side, left side ideally. Especially if you tend to toss and turn as you sleep, it is important to find a way to get a good night's rest while taking care of your body and your baby.

Specially-designed pregnancy pillows also provide moms-to-be with wonderful support to get those much needed ZZZs. Some pregnancy pillows are body-length, providing your whole body with the support it needs, while others are smaller and more versatile, allowing you to place it wherever you feel like needs the most support.

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