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Telling family and friends about your pregnancy

You and your partner are absolutely thrilled when you see that positive pregnancy test, but who do you tell? How long should you wait? What are some cute ways to reveal you’ve got a bun in the oven?

Waiting until you’re 100% sure

You’ve experienced the magical moment when you get a positive reading on your pregnancy test, so what now? You’ll need a healthcare provider’s appointment to confirm, so it might not be wise to call up everyone in your contact list right away. Additionally, lots of women wait until after week 13, when the chance of miscarriage drops dramatically. If you really can’t wait to share the news, keep in mind that young and healthy women are at lower risk of miscarriage overall, so keeping up good habits might increase your confidence.

Who should know first?

Your partner, duh! They're the other person most invested in your pregnancy and can help you agree on a plan to tell the rest of your inner circle. After that, consider telling a friend or family member who can definitely keep a secret until you’re ready to broadcast the news.

Telling your boss

Every workplace is unique, and only you can predict how sharing information about your pregnancy will affect your work environment. Before talking with your boss, familiarize yourself with your company’s maternity leave policies, and try to estimate how much time you’ll take off so your boss can plan accordingly. Think about different viable solutions, like working from home or switching responsibilities with a coworker in case of health complications changing what you can do during pregnancy, so both of you can get a good idea of any changes to your productivity. No matter what, your boss should know before your co-workers out of respect, and to minimize office gossip.

Fun ways to reveal

  • Say it with food: Does your partner have a sweet tooth? Make a batch of cookies or cupcakes and decorate them with words or images related to babies.
  • Let the sibling-to-be share the news: If you have a child that is welcoming a little brother or sister, have them make the adorable announcement that your family is growing!
  • Drop hints: Leave a onesie or a bottle around your house - friends or family that come over will figure it out in no time!
  • Tell everyone about their new roles: Buy your mom a #1 Grandma t-shirt, or give your partner a World’s Best Dad coffee mug!

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