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Symptoms during pregnancy: everything you need to know

Symptoms tracking is monitoring your health symptoms throughout pregnancy to make sure that yours are normal, and to look for correlations between your symptoms and other lifestyle factors like nutrition, activity, and sleep in order to provide explanations for certain symptoms, which can help you devise a way to manage them.

How do you track symptoms?

In the past, moms-to-be may have tracked their symptoms with a pen and paper - however, Ovia allows you to enter your symptoms into your account for any given day in conjunction with your other metrics in order to determine a possible explanation for your symptoms. For instance, heartburn is a pretty common pregnancy symptom, but one that can be managed through proper hydration, eating more small meals, and avoiding spicy or acidic foods.

Tracking the occurrence of certain symptoms against your other data can help you determine the best course of action.

Symptoms to never ignore

In addition to monitoring and managing your expected pregnancy symptoms, tracking can also help you pick up on the symptoms that may denote a bit of trouble. Heavy vaginal bleeding, as an example, is something that should always necessitate a call to your healthcare provider, so tracking your symptoms closely will let you know when it might be time to seek help. Severe headaches, serious swelling, vision changes, high blood pressure, decreased fetal movement, leaking fluid, or significant abdominal pain are also reasons to call.

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