Weight during pregnancy: why you should track it

All moms need to gain weight throughout pregnancy, but this number varies from 15-40 lbs. (about 7-18 kg) between women, depending on your weight prior to pregnancy. Tracking your weight gain can help give you an excellent sense of Baby's health, and your own, as you traverse these nine months toward joy.

Baby wants you to gain weight

She doesn’t just want - she NEEDS you to gain weight! In order to grow big and strong and layer herself with baby fat, she depends on you to provide her with enough calories and nutrients to do so.

Maintaining a healthy rate of weight gain throughout pregnancy can help keep her development perfectly on schedule, and get her lifelong nutritional health off to a fast start.

Tracking your pregnancy weight gains will help you make sure that the rate at which you are gaining weight is good for Baby, and good for you! However, it's important to remember that women with an obese pre-pregnancy BMI (over 30) may need to gain significantly less weight, if any at all. It's best to consult with your healthcare provider.

Risks of high weight

Gaining too much weight can dramatically increase your likelihood of experiencing pesky pregnancy symptoms like swollen ankles, hemorrhoids, backaches, and stretch marks, and heighten your risk of developing preeclampsia or gestational diabetes.

And because Baby is dependent on your caloric intake, if you gain too much weight, chances are she may do the same. If your little one grows to be a rather big baby, it can pose increased health risks for both of you. 

Tracking your weight gain will help you notice when you might be gaining at too great a rate, and Ovia can provide you with tips and strategies of how you might temper the increase.

Risks of low weight

Remember, Baby completely relies on you for the energy she needs to grow big, strong, and healthy, so not gaining enough weight can also have some serious effects. Most babies of mothers who don't gain enough weight are still born healthy, as the placenta preferentially feeds the growing baby, but it can still contribute to low-birth weight or a host of other problems.

Tracking your weight gain can help you make sure that you are putting on the pounds at a healthy rate, making baby cute and perfect in every way!

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