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Nutrition during pregnancy: why you should track it

Cars have it so easy: all they need is gasoline! People need a plethora of different nutrients, from a wide variety sources, and in vastly different quantities to stay healthy - and that’s just when you’re eating for one!

Your diet during pregnancy can very much dictate the course of both your health and Baby’s, as proper nutrition will promote good health, and poor nutrition could result in lots of different complications depending on which you’re getting an unhealthy amount of, whether excess or deficient.

Because nutrition contributes so much to the body’s function, and because Baby taps directly into what you eat and drink to feed her and keep her growing big and strong, women have to be extra diligent about getting all of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of the nutrients they need during pregnancy.

Taking a daily prenatal vitamin is a good start, but may not contain all of the vitamins and minerals that you need to ensure a healthy pregnancy for both you and Baby, so much of the nutritional burden will come from your diet. Moms-to-be who track their nutrition have a much better sense of whether they are eating healthily or not, so you can make adjustments based off of it if a change is needed to better promote baby’s development, or to reduce your symptoms.

How Ovia can help

With Ovia, you can track the different food groups you eat to ensure that your getting all the nutritional value that you and Baby need, as well as your water intake, and your prenatal vitamin regimen. Tracking your nutritional intake with Ovia can help us let you know when you should make an adjustment in your diet in order to better promote Baby’s healthy growth and development, or if a change may help relieve some of your symptoms.

Getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you comfortable and healthy, and Baby developing as she should be, can be a tough job, but it’s very possible, and very important to do so. Tracking what you eat can help you best understand how your nutrition affects your pregnancy, and your baby, and ensure that the two of you are doing as well as possible.

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