Baby naming strategies

Choosing Baby’s name is one of the many items on your to do list before the newcomer arrives. Thankfully—unlike bloating, fatigue and weight gain—it’s something you can control; however, the process isn’t always stress-free. We’ve found some tricks of the trade that have worked for other parents to-be:

  • Last name: Pair any potential first and middle names with the child’s last name because liking a name does not always translate to a good full name (e.g., Justin Case).
  • Nicknames: Consider any nicknames, both good and bad that could potentially impact her life. A good nickname for a child may not be appropriate when she is job searching after college.
  • Family names: Are there family names that you would consider? Is your partner on board? Family names can be a great way to continue traditions or to honor grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., but this decision should be between you and your partner – not your families.
  • Meaning: What’s in a name? Does it mean something to you and your partner? The story behind the name can often make the name that much better!
  • If you’re concerned what family and friends may think about the name you’ve selected, keep it private until the birth so you’re not second-guessing. Most importantly, go with your gut; yes, it’s an important decision, but no one knows Baby better than you and your partner.

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