Tracking your cervical fluid with Ovia

Cervical fluid is the vaginal fluid produced by the cervix that, at around the time of ovulation, assists in transporting sperm cells to the egg. Cervical fluid can be dry and nearly nonexistent at the beginning of the cycle, before reaching its most wet and stretchy point at ovulation, and then trending back to dry as menstruation approaches. 

How to check your cervical fluid

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent infection.
  2. Find a comfortable position. Many people find sitting on the toilet to be an effective position.
  3. Insert a finger into your vagina far enough until you can get a sample of your cervical fluid.
  4. Examine the fluid, rubbing it between two fingers to determine its thickness, stickiness, and color.
  5. Enter the characteristics of your cervical fluid into Ovia!

Tracking fertility with CF

Unlike basal body temperature, cervical fluid is not merely an indicator of fertility, but a promoter as well. Cervical fluid changes in consistency throughout the menstrual cycle, transitioning from dry and sticky, to thick and creamy, and finally clear and stretchy when you are most fertile, before reverting to its dry and sticky past if conception does not occur. Individuals with regular cycles can use their cervical fluid to best pinpoint when they are most fertile, while individuals with irregular cycles may be able to get a more clear picture of their fertile window on a cycle-to-cycle basis by keeping track of their transitioning cervical fluid.

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