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Ovuline is hiring!

What we are looking for

We need help! Ovuline is seeking entrepreneurial folks to come and work with our team in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We need great people who are fun to work with and incredibly smart. We are a young growing company and are looking for people who are eager to take on new challenges in an environment where you will be judged based on your ability, not your experience. If you are this type of person we want to hear from you!

How to apply

PLEASE NO INQUIRIES FROM RECRUITERS! Email a cover letter and resume to Please save both in one word document or PDF entitled "LastName.FirstName -- Ovuline Job Opportunity" (e.g., "Smith.John -- Ovuline Job Opportunity"). Applications without cover letters will not be considered. In the cover letter, please touch on who you are, your skills, what position you are interested in, why Ovuline, and why you think you are a must-have for our team. Learn about the company online and try out our site. Make sure this research and testing shows through in your cover letter. We're looking for a real person, not credentials; you'll be a member of a small, growing team, so be yourself. Please also include the dates you are available in your cover letter.

Ovuline team members at BostInno’s 2013 50 on Fire

Ovuline celebrating Halloween in the office


Android and iOS Developers

As the Mobile Developer, you will collaborate closely with product, design and management to help implement the product vision, user experience and app flow. You will be responsible for all aspects of mobile development.

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • 2+ years of experience developing iOS and/or Android apps
  • Knowledge of iOS and/or Android conventions
  • Knowledge of HTML5 is a plus
  • Experience in mobile design is a plus
  • A thorough understanding of how business needs drive product features
  • Demonstrated expertise with the entire software development life cycle

Backend Developer

As a Backend Developer, you will have an opportunity to take control over a powerful, flexible and expanding data platform. With a team of talented developers to support you, you will help design and build a backend that's scalable and robust.

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • 5+ years of experience in Systems
  • Knowledge of Databases, SQL, PHP, REST API principles
  • Ability to interpret front-end requirements into an efficient back-end architecture
  • Familiarity with cloud hosting, load balancing, backups, etc.
  • BS/MS in Computer Science. PhD is a plus.

Data Scientist

As the Data Scientist, you will have an opportunity to work with unique and exciting data sets. You will have the freedom to experiment and create data models never produced before. You will also have an opportunity to publish interesting results in scientific journals and participate in relevant conferences.

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • 5+ years of experience in Machine Learning
  • Knowledge of databases/SQL
  • Ability to work with large data sets and extract needed information
  • Creative brain for coming up with new statistical models
  • Ability to interpret and visualize machine learning results
  • A thorough understanding of how business needs drive product features
  • BS/MS in Computer Science and/or Statistics. PhD is a plus.

College Interns

As a College Intern you will have the professional experience of a lifetime. Joining Ovuline provides significant exposure to the world of entrepreneurship, health IT and consumer Internet. Candidates will report to members of our senior team and we are committed to ensuring candidate's experiences are crafted to meet their professional and/or educational goals and interests. Ovuline is committed to building a pipeline of top-tier talent and are eager to build our talent pool with those who we have worked with as new roles emerge for our rapidly growing team. If you want to know what it’s like to work at a venture backed start-up or think about starting your own company one day, apply now. All internships are unpaid.

Business/Marketing: Students who are interested in business and marketing will work on business research, market sizing and user engagement projects

Programming: Students who are studying computer science or can program will be given front end and back end projects

Design: Students who are graphic designers or good at making videos will work on projects that leverage these skills.

MBA Internship

We are always looking for MBAs to help us solve our most pressing business issues. As a company started by MBAs, we understand the unique value you can bring. We will work with you to find a project that you are excited about, and work on it with you. We are happy to have you work with us during the school year or over the summer.Demonstrated expertise with the entire software development life cycle